Donna Aldridge, international award-winning master pastelist and oil painter, fine artist, has work in collections in 25 countries and teaches painting workshops nationally and art classes in Kansas City.
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Additional Gallery of Pastel and Oil Paintings

Ann's Creek
Private Collection—Pastel Painting 39"x27"

Arkansas Swimming Hole
Silver Medal of Honor-Pastel—Knickerbocher's National Exhib, Salmugundi Club, NYC
Private Collection—Small Pastel Painting

Bottom Forty
Private Collection—24"x18" Pastel Painting

Clouds at Vespers
Private Collection—50" wide Oil Painting

Country Road
50" wide Oil Painting in Private Collection
Similar Oil of this favorite scene 26"x18" available

Scenic Road
50" wide Oil Painting

Shawneed Mission Park Orange Fence
26"x18" Pastel Painting

Shawnee Mission Park Wildflowers
26"x18" Pastel Painting

River Downstream
Private Collection—40"x28" Pastel Painting

River Upstream
Private Collection—40"x28" Pastel Painting

Crooked River II
One of Pair Commissioned for AT&T Exec. Offices—Pastel Painting

Autumn Creek
50" wide Oil Painting

Field at Dawn
Corp. Collection—Commission—60" wide Pastel Painting

Field of White Wildflowers
40" wide Pastel Painting

Meadow Beyond the Glen
26"x18" Pastel Painting

Misty Morning
50" wide Oil Painting

Morning Fog Lifting from the Garden
Private Collection—26"x18" Pastel Painting

October Trees
18"x26" Pastel Painting
50" square Oil Painting of similar scene

Osage Hillside
Private Collection—40" wide Pastel Painting

Ray County Road
40"x28" Pastel Painting

Red Twigs
26"x18" Pastel Painting

Roses Spilling over the Pergola
39" wide Oil Painting
Best of Show, 2003 Plein Air Event, KC

Spring Thaw on Turkey Creek
Private Collection—40" wide Pastel Painting

Autumn Reflections
8" x 10" Pastel Painting

Aspen View
50" wide Oil Painting

Two of several Florals—Giclees available 12" x 18"

Garden Mums in Clay Pot
Private Collection

Zinnias with Concorde Grapes
Private Collection

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