Donna Aldridge, international award-winning master pastelist and oil painter, fine artist, has work in collections in 25 countries and teaches painting workshops nationally and art classes in Kansas City. Oil, acrylic and pastel paintings of landscapes, still lifes and figures are available and painting commissions are accepted for home and corporate, including portraits, other subjects mentioned plus pieces representing the history of the family, business or city, state or national government in oil or digital mediums.

One-Day Color Workshop

with Donna Aldridge PSA M-MAPS

Presented for the Johnson County Parks and Recreations 50 Plus Group
Saturday, September 13th 9:30 to 4:30
87th and Lamar

For agenda, other details, comments from participants, please click here.

Color Workshop Supply List

There will be both lecture and hands-on work with your prefered medium.
We’ll work seated at tables.


• 8 white sheets of loose canvas, canvas paper or panel, watercolor or pastel paper, suitable for the medium you'll be using.
(You will be doing your color-mixing experiements on these!
Best if you can bring the type of surface on which you typically paint! )
—These should be cut to 8.5” x 11” with holes to fit into...
• a simple 3-ring binder book. A 1/2” or 1” binder
• a pen that will write on the white sheets of canvas or paper to make notes about the mixes you make
• notebook paper and pen for notes, in the binder book, as well.

These pages will be information resources for you later.

You will also receive several pages of information and two color charts to include in your binder book.


• bring your colors, beginning with a warm and cool red (Cad. Red & Aliz.), yellow (Indian Yellow or Y.Ochre & Cd. Y.Light) and blue (Thalo Green & Ultramarine), White
• brush—4 to 6 Bright or Flat
• palette knife
• palette
• Gamsol or Turpenoil in a wide-mouth container
• paper towels
• plastic bag to take away your solvent paper towels, etc.

Pigments List:

Cadmium Red Light
Alizarin Crimson—or a more permanent red-violet (cool) red
Cadmium Yellow Light
Yellow Ochre or Indian Yellow
Phthalo Green (this funtions as a very warm [yellowy] blue)
Ultramarine Blue
(The 6 colors in bold lettering are considered by most who work with a limited palette to be the colors which will provide the artist with the greatest range of color possibilites. Working with a limited palette allows the artist to learn color mixing more easily and far more quickly!)


• bring your colors, beginning with a warm and cool
red (Cad. Red & Aliz.)
yellow (Indian Yellow or Y.Ochre & Cd. Y.Light)
blue (Thalo Green & Ultramarine)
• brush—4 to 6 Bright or Flat
• palette knife
• palette
• water in a wide-mouth container
• paper towels


• bring your colors beginning with a warm and cool red, yellow and blue (see list above)
• brushes
• wataercolor palette
• water in a wide-mouth container
• paper towels
• other accoutraments suitable for watercolor painting


• you may bring all or only a limited range of your pastels, being sure to have pure and tints of warm and cools in line with the pigment list above.
• cut glassine--or waxed paper (preferably cut days before and laid flat so it is not curved up and a nuisance by not connecting evenly with the pastel paper).
• a large paper clip for each page to keep the glassine set in place, but optional.

Pastelers, bring damp and dry hand wipes to keep hands cleaned off as we proceed.

If worst comes to worst (not enough time to get all the materials just right...) grab some sheets of watercolor paper or canvas paper/panels, etc, your paint or pastels, etc. and come a'runnin'!

The 3-ring binder makes things much more organized for later use and will perhaps be a start for a serious journal of important notes on art for you. You will have benefits from it over time if you can find the time to put things together this way!

The oil pages will need to be put into the book later after they dry, of course.

Bring a sack lunch (or go out for lunch).

Contact Donna with questions about supplies not covered above.
For email, click here.

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