Donna Aldridge, international award-winning master pastelist and oil painter, fine artist, has work in collections in 25 countries and teaches painting workshops nationally and art classes in Kansas City. Oil, acrylic and pastel paintings of landscapes, still lifes and figures are available and painting commissions are accepted for home and corporate, including portraits, other subjects mentioned plus pieces representing the history of the family, business or city, state or national government in oil or digital mediums.

Pastel Painting Supplies List
for classes and workshops with Donna Aldridge

For the Classical UnderPainting Pastel Workshop
please add the following materials to the list below PASTELS:

  • regular drug-store rubbing alcohol
  • wide-mouthed container for alcohol — wide enough for wide brush
  • several white-bristle brushes: 2" to 3" wide, 1" wide and a couple smaller
  • roll of soft white paper towels
  • several pale sheets of Art Spectrum or Wallis sanded paper
  • 2-4 foamcore boards slightly larger than the half-size of your paper
  • clips or white artist's tape to secure paper to board
  • optional: several photos you would like to use for the excercises

Be sure to have a good value range of

  • Warm (Orangey) Reds
  • Cool (Red-Violet) Reds
  • Warm (Buttery or Orangey) Yellows
  • Cool (Lemon or Chartruese) Yellows
  • Phthalo / other Cool Greens / Warm Blues
  • Ultramarine / other cool Blues / Violets
  • Whites
  • Warm and Cool Grays
  • Raw Umbers / other Earth Tones
  • Other Neutrals
  • Any other Colors you wish

• Arrange you colors either by Hue or by Value.

• Avoid student and children's grades. They have more filler and use pigments that are not light fast!

• Look for pastels described as Light Fast!

• Avoid pigments labeled as light resistant. They may resist fading for a few weeks or months, but they will not hold FAST to their intended color! Please do not assume it is reasonable to begin with faulty materials and that you will change to better materials when . . . Most people find it hard to get rid of materials, even if they are of poor quality, even after they begin to do good work and will sometimes sell work that will not endure. Never a good practice! And remember—there is a great deal of difference in the handling of the kiddie/student products. You will not be learning on the materials you will want to be doing your 'real' work with! Just not practical, economical or ethical in the long run!


Grumbacher Workable Fixative

  • as you are painting

Grumbacher Final Fixtative

  • for the final fix

• For more information about Fixative
     please click here
ADDITIONAL MATERIALS Additional materials welcome
  • 2 or more sheets of Art Spectrum or Wallis sanded paper
  • or other pastel or etching papers approx.18" x 24"
  • fine vine charcoal
  • 4 2" binder clips or white artists tape to secure paper to board
  • 2" clear packing tape for removing unwanted pastel on painting
  • foam core board or masonite board to hold paper—cut slightly larger than paper!
  • 2" x 3" throw rug to place under easel to catch dust (& break fall of pastels)
  • optional—Colourshaper, chisel angle # 2 to 6
  • optional—viewfinder
  • notebook and pen/pencil since there are times when you want to make notes!

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