Donna Aldridge, international award-winning master pastelist and oil painter, fine artist, has work in collections in 25 countries and teaches painting workshops nationally and art classes in Kansas City.
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"Crooked River II" is a pastel painting, one of two commissioned for the Exectutive Offices of AT & T, painted by Master-Pastelist and international award-winning artist Donna Aldridge, PSA, M-MAPS, of Kansas City. This area of Crooked River runs thru Ray Countyk, Missouri and was a shallow area of the river used by area farmers as a ford from one group of fields to others across the rock-strewn waterway.
 Commissioning Paintings or Other Works


Donna Aldridge
Crooked River II
Commission: AT&T Executive Offices

Donna Aldridge, an international award-winning painter, has works in private and corporate collections in twenty five countries. She has accepted commissions from individuals, small businesses to large corporations for three decades.

Why commission a work? It's the perfect solution to have the painting that flows with your dreams or works with your color, fits in the space or finishes the room, features your family or reminds of a place, goes back to a time or brings forward your history!

Aldridge works with the client to understand their needs and desires, often arriving at some innovative solutions for difficult spaces, color schemes or other objectives. The artist will often assist the client in clarifying the general sense they have in their mind about the piece they would like. It can take a little time, but is a very interesting and usually enjoyable, rewarding process!

Where: The spaces for which Aldridge's commissions have been created include homes, law, accounting and other offices, banks, hospitals, hotels, universities, governments, corporate headquarters and other corporate buildings. These commissions hang in conference and board rooms, offices and lobbies, as well as living, dining, family and bedrooms, circular stairwells, entrance halls and great rooms.

Subjects: Portraits or landscapes are the most popular subjects although Aldridge has been asked to create still lifes and abstracts, as well and is quite comfortable and experienced with all of these. Pets have been parts of portraits, as well as pianos and many keep-sakes.

Histories: On several occasions the works have been comprised of a number of images, worked together to form a history of a family, city or company. These particular works have most often been carried out in either Oil or Digital, two of many mediums in which Aldridge is fluent, but could certainly be painted in Pastel, as well. For a number of these histories, prints have also been made for the client so that the image is available to the many people who are part of or interested in the piece.

Sizes: Aldridge's commissioned paintings are often larger works, 36" x 48" and up, but occasionally medium or smaller works are most suitable for your situation. Any size is fine! It just depends on what you need. Commissioning a work is a way to get the size and subject you particularly want! And commissioned works are sometimes created to work with a particular color—or at any rate, certainly with the setting where the painting will live!

Price is generally determined by the size for the particular medium, however special considerations in research, painting foundation, short completion date or other issues will usually require an additional fee to be negotiated before beginning. A deposit of one-third is required at the outset after preliminary sketches are signed off on. The second third is due midway thru the work and the last third due upon delivery.

Framing: These fees do not include the frame since it is often picked out after the work is either well underway or completed. Aldridge will work with the client and framer in selecting a a beautiful frame that enhances the painting and works with the space where it will hang.

The Aldridge Studios Gallery is still being designed, however a Temporary Gallery will allow you to see examples of paintings and prints by Aldridge, including commissioned works. To vist the Temporary Gallery, please click here.

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