Donna Aldridge, international award-winning master pastelist and oil painter, fine artist, has work in collections in 25 countries and teaches painting workshops nationally and art classes in Kansas City.
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Painting Classes — Winter 2009 Schedule
 Contact Donna Aldridge at 913-831-3990 — to email, please click here for info.
     • Work in any medium, except when in Special Technical Classes
     • Join any class mid-session with space available, fees prorated
     • Artists enrolled in current classes may make up missed classes in other scheduled classes

For Testimonials by participating artists, please click here.
Monday Afternoons  1 pm – 4 pm
Jan. 5 to Mar. 16

Wednesday Mornings  9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Jan. 7 to Mar. 18
Thursday Afternoons  1 pm – 4 pm
Jan. 8 to Mar. 19
Private Classes available
    by appointment by the hour

For Points we'll cover in painting classes, please click here.

Private Classes for Individuals have become very popular.
If you need help with specific issues, a boost in your creativity,
useful feedback on a frustrating painting
or have a schedule which does not let you join one of the classes,
arrange for one or more private sessions.
For more information,
contact Donna Aldridge at 913-831-3990 — to email, please click here.

For Testimonials by participating artists, please click here.
Special or other upcoming classes, please click here.
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Pastel Painting Demonstration by Master-Pastelist Donna Aldridge 
during an art class she was teaching in Kansas City. This was a demo 
with a focus on establishing composition, seeing and using the light 
and shadow, seeing color, showing form through use of both color and 
light/shadow, looking for light fall off, seeing how objects of 
nearly the same color differ, learning ways of turning edges, seeing 
colors in shadow and in light areas, noticing and using the 
differences in similar objects, their placement and orientation.

Class Demo in Pastel: "Four Apples on Linen Cloth"

Points we'll cover in class:

  • enhancing your own personal style
  • new & better ways of looking at you subject
  • developing a Concept
  • drawing
  • dynamics of composition
  • seeing & using color
  • color relationships
  • creating movement thru-out painting
  • technical aspects of your medium
  • honing your creative vision
  • work from life for fullest information
  • experienced artists may work from
         their own photographs
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